"Finally! The End of Obscenely Low Affiliate Commissions in the Personal Development Industry!"

Holothink is founded based on this philosophy: Give customers a great product at a great price - and give affiliates great products to promote with great commissions.

As a "super affiliate" in the personal development niche I spent thousands of dollars per year to promote products like Holosync and the Sedona Method for commissions of 20% or less. And the truth is, I grew tired of making others rich for commission rates that were INSULTING.

As an affiliate manager for one of these companies I found fewer and fewer GREAT affiliates and I set out to do something about that because you deserve better.

Holothink Converts Great - and We'll Treat YOU Like a Business Partner We Appreciate Working With

Right now, Holothink is converting at 3.67% and with a 65% commission per sale referred, that could translate into very lucrative promotions for you. PLUS we offering an upsell that can further increase your commissions. Can you name ONE other company in the self help industry that does that? We can't.

By the way, in the "self-help" industry a 10-20% commission is standard - we understand how important our affiliate's are in the growth of our business and we view you as a valuable partner that we appreciate and want to reward.

Getting started is easy:

1. If you already have a Clickbank account, just replace xxxxx with your ID in the following link:

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