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We offer a variety of programs to help you accomplish what you desire.

Select from the four options below:

  • Growth with our Deep Zen audio meditation program using our proprietary triple harmonic wave synthesis.
  • Sleep with our Digital Sandman sleep aid program.
  • Relax with Totally Tranquil for stress relief.
  • Focus and increase productivity with our Laser Focus program.


Deep Zen is our most powerful meditation program.  When you’re ready to dive deep into peace, calm and introspection Deep Zen is designed to take you there.
Totally Tranquil Stress Relief Audio Program


Totally Tranquil is design to help you relax – anytime, anyplace.  This program is an “alpha meditation” meaning it’s calming and relaxing while leaving you aware and ready to function in your day.


Digital Sandman is a complete suite of programs to help you with everything from getting to sleep, reducing sleep needed, to a quick cat nap.


Laser Focus improves mental intensity (focus and concentration), helping you get more done in less time.  Do not use this program if you enjoy being lazy!

Enjoy Fantastic Results, Faster

Since 2007 we’ve been serving customers world-wide.
Satisfaction Guaranteed

All of our programs are backed by a 100% refund guarantee. Give any of our products an honest try and if you’re not delighted with the results we’ll refund your investment.

You Download the MP3s (Now Available on CD Too!)
Holothink Home Page

After your order is accepted you will receive access to our membership system. With login access all of your downloads are available from one easy to use, easy to find place. Then, simply download to your favorite listening device – and you can even create your own CD, or we can do that for you.

You Listen Through Headphones

Some companies offer “Isochronic” programs that do not require headphones (we do too). However we have found the programs that require headphones are FAR more powerful and effective.

You Enjoy the Benefits with Minimal Effort

Unless you are distracted or using the program incorrectly it is virtually impossible to not experience the intended result of the program. Plus with each successive use of the program you choose you are training your brain in a way that continues to produce results for you for up to five years. Remember this is based on real science. It works!

By popular demand some of our programs are now available on CDs too. Learn more

And they are always available for immediate download in MP3 format for those who want results now – or who prefer a “green” option.

Alpha, Theta, Gamma and Meditation

Discover the five types of brainwave states and how you can influence your mind with the scientifically proven power of sound.

The Power of Now

Life is lived in the present, yet a busy mind can miss the moment obsessing with the past or future.  Here’s how meditation can help.

Brainwave States

The dominant frequency determines your current state.  Here’s a technical breakdown of each brainwave state.

What Are Binaural Beats?

Discover the five types of brainwave states and how you can influence your mind with the scientifically proven power of sound.

The Benefits of Meditation

Did you know that meditation is scientifically proven to help with everything from improved health, longevity, concentration and much more?


No, we are not Holosync!  Here’s the difference, explained.

EEGs and Brainwave Activity

How do we know which frequencies produce which desired mental state?

What is Meditation?

There is a great deal of confusion about what meditation is.  Religion?  Mystical voodoo?  Prayer?  The answer may surprise you.


No, we are not Holosync!  Here’s the difference, explained.

30 Day Meditation Plan

When you follow this 30-day meditation plan you’ll be amazed at the difference just one month of practice can generate.

Guided Meditation

Here’s how a guided meditation program can help you achieve enormous gains.

History of Meditation

Meditation has a long, fascinating history.  Discover the roots of the most powerful and transformational practice known to humanity.
Ensuring your happiness, success and satisfaction with our products and services is our highest priority.
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