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Of course you’d like to hear Deep Zen! Please keep in mind it’s only a short version of the full program but it’ll help you decide if Deep Zen is what you’ve been looking for!
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Do I Need Meditation Experience Already?

Meditation comes in many forms. The primary goal of meditation is to quiet the mind, to find a place of peace, calm, and introspection.

Traditional meditation may require years of practice to achieve the same brainwave state that our audio meditation can provide on the first experience.

You will find the more you engage in the practice of meditation the more profound the experience may become. But the simple answer to this question is, no, you need no prior meditation experience or training. Our audio program is designed to take you to a place of quiet stillness that will become richer and deeper with consistent use.

What IS Deep Zen?

Deep Zen is a unique audio program that utilizes specific, scientifically defined brainwave frequencies to emulate what a zen monk experiences in deep, blissful meditation. Deep Zen has been designed, specifically, to aid you with achieving a rich, insightful meditation experience.

Our audio program consists of a unique and proprietary “Triple Harmonic Chord” audio track that we believe provides a more impactful experience than any other program available. You’ll barely hear that “magic” track behind the pleasing sound of rain, chimes and Tibetan gongs.

And for those who may not prefer those sounds we also offer an alternative version of each of the three levels that contain the binaural tones only.

Each program runs about 30-minutes. And the reason there are three programs is because each “level” takes you to a deeper place than the preceding one. Think of it like lifting weights. With consistent usage your brain will adapt and maintain the growth you are achieving with each meditation experience.

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“I was surprised to find that your system was allowing me to move any extraneous thoughts to dissipate so easily.

I’ve used other systems, but always had difficulty controlling thoughts that were interfering with the process.This is the first time I’ve been able to calmly continue with the process.”
George Boisse

Are There More Levels To Buy?

Please do not expect an endless stream of pitches that say “When you buy this next program, you will finally have everything you ever wanted!”

We are aware of another company that offers 12 levels that require a total investment of over $6,000! And that is NOT us!

We do offer additional levels, and we also offer additional programs designed to focus on specific opportunities for personal improvement – such as Digital Sandman for sleep, Laser Focus to improve focus and concentration during work or study, and Totally Tranquil for a relaxing alpha-level meditation experience.

There are so many wonderful possibilities with this technology.

But because we don’t believe it’s even possible to create an effective one-program-does-it-all we offer alternative options with specific designs but this Deep Zen is all you need to have a profound meditation experience.

What Is The Philosophy Behind Your Work?

To be clear, we are not a religious or spiritual teaching company. These programs contain no specific words. One does not need any specific spiritual orientation to benefit from quieting the mind.

That said, you are able to have any spiritual or religious experience you want – or not. I find it powerful to quiet my mind and then to ask myself specific questions I’d like an answer to. Other times, after achieving quiet, I read what inspires

Beyond that, Deep Zen is not designed to “push threshholds”. It is designed to peace, relaxation, inner-calm and introspection. Many people complain that programs which claim to “push threshholds” cause them anxiety.

What does it mean to “push threshhold”? Essentially, that means by stressing your brain you eventually learn to live with that stress level making it seem less significant and more easily manageable.

Our philosophy is that by learning to be peaceful and clear in one moment, one can be apply that to any moment.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

We offer a no-questions-asked refund to all customers within 60-days of your purchase.

If you are not satisfied with our product, then simply visit our help desk for instructions. Our goal has always been to create a happy, thriving community. If you are not thrilled with the product or are not enjoying the experience, we will strive to make things right – and if it just isn’t for you, then it just isn’t for you.

“I have been using Holothink for just over a month now. I have already noticed it have a positive effect on my life.

My concentration is better, my memory has improved and I feel calm inside and am able to look at life more objectively.

I have done some meditation before and enjoy yoga, Holothink goes alongside this perfectly. I will be recommending Holothink to my friends.”
Ben Turner

Guarantee your own success – here’s how

The peace, clarity and physical benefits or meditation are now within your reach.  There is no commitment or cost for you to try our 30-Day Plan and demo audio track.

The following 4-steps will help you get started and to stick with a simple, but effective meditation program that almost anyone can understand and follow.


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Download 30-Day Meditation plan

If you’ve ever wanted to get started with a meditation plan to cleanse and relax your mind then this is exactly what you need.

Our 30-Day Meditation Plan will take you step-by-step from meditation beginner to putting you on the path to meditation mastery and all its benefits.


download your free demo

You can have the experience and benefits without our programs.  But the thing our programs will do for you is ease and accelerate your progress.

It’s all about “brainwave state” or activity.  It may take a serious meditation practitioner years to experience the same depth that Deep Zen can provide you within an hour.

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Schedule for success

If you want to increase your odds of success by 80% (scientifically proven) then schedule your meditation practice.

By defining the dates and times when you’ll take care of you, you’ll be far more likely to do it than to just dream about it.

Alpha, Theta, Gamma and Meditation

Discover the five types of brainwave states and how you can influence your mind with the scientifically proven power of sound.

The Power of Now

Life is lived in the present, yet a busy mind can miss the moment obsessing with the past or future.  Here’s how meditation can help.

Brainwave States

The dominant frequency determines your current state.  Here’s a technical breakdown of each brainwave state.

What Are Binaural Beats?

Discover the five types of brainwave states and how you can influence your mind with the scientifically proven power of sound.

The Benefits of Meditation

Did you know that meditation is scientifically proven to help with everything from improved health, longevity, concentration and much more?


No, we are not Holosync!  Here’s the difference, explained.

EEGs and Brainwave Activity

How do we know which frequencies produce which desired mental state?

What is Meditation?

There is a great deal of confusion about what meditation is.  Religion?  Mystical voodoo?  Prayer?  The answer may surprise you.

History of Meditation

Meditation has a long, fascinating history.  Discover the roots of the most powerful and transformational practice known to humanity.

30 Day Meditation Plan

When you follow this 30-day meditation plan you’ll be amazed at the difference just one month of practice can generate.

Guided Meditation

Here’s how a guided meditation program can help you achieve enormous gains.


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