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Binaural Beats and Interaural Time Delays

What are Binaural Beats?

Binaural beats are sound frequencies proven to have the ability to bring the listener into altered states of consciousness as well as deep relaxation and meditative states. Binaural beats were first recorded as being studied during the 1930’s, however most scientists believe that they were discovered long before the 1930’s. The benefits of binaural beats include the ability for the mind to transfer very quickly into a meditative state.

Binaural Beats and Meditation

Binaural beats are used to bring brain waves into one frequency. If you are curious about binaural beats, simply give yourself five to ten minutes and try one of our demo programs:

  • Beta – Laser Focus – Positive effect on ability to focus, concentrate and get organized.
  • Alpha – Totally Tranquil – Allows the user to relax and release accumulated stress while remaining in an alert state.
  • Theta – Deep Zen Meditation – Experience a zen-monk like state of meditation.
  • Delta – Digital Sandman – A package of programs that addresses a wide variety of sleep related issues.

Some users of binaural beat programs report feelings of euphoria, awakening the consciousness, and becoming sensitive to psychic phenomena and awareness. Personal experiences vary depending on the individual and their usage of a program. Many monks and other religious practitioners have used binaural beats combined with their meditation practices to balance the frequencies of brain waves. Today you don’t need to visit a monastery or temple; by using audio meditation MP3s on your portable music device, such as an Ipod, you can bring binaural beats straight to your home for your own private experiences. Brainwave entrainment also resets the levels of sodium and potassium in the brain. This is an incredible benefit that can help with chemical imbalances in the brain, as well as refresh the mind and reduce mental fatigue. After a number of sessions, you may discover that you require less sleep, have less fear and anxiety, and have a general sense of well being. Order Now | Try a Demo

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