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Guided meditation is a form of meditation where you are assisted through the course of your meditations. These can be short or long, and are typically listened to through your web browser, or downloaded for you to enjoy whenever and wherever you want.

There are several characteristics to guided meditation. First and foremost, the guided meditation forces you to maintain your concentration on what you are listening to as you are meditating. This is extremely useful for those who tend to have their attentions wander. Through the use of someone speaking to you and the partnership of soothing music, guided meditation is one of the simpler forms of meditation to master. As many people find success at this form of meditation, it has grown in popularity.

The second characteristic of guided meditation, and perhaps the most important, is that this form of meditation gives you the foundation you need to meditate on your own. Regardless of whether you download your guided meditation as a track to be listened to through headphones or by speaker, or whether you have a teacher guiding you, these types of meditations give you what you need to learn how to meditate properly. It guides your thoughts and allows you to concentrate on what you’re trying to master.

Guided meditation can be used in practically any form of meditation. It is a common teaching tool, and is extremely flexible. You can arrange with your teacher to cover certain elements of your self that you wish to improve, or you can select between many already recorded meditations that fit your needs. The most commonly targeted meditations are available for download.

If the thought of listening to someone speak bothers you, you can choose to use guided meditation as a memory exercise. Many of the guided meditations are available as text that you can memorize, then focus on. You can then turn the guided meditation into a mantra that you can use whenever you meditate.

When you are selecting which guided meditations to work with, you should keep your goals clearly in mind. Meditation is a powerful tool, and you want to make certain that you are focusing on the right sorts of meditation. For example, if you want to become a more compassionate person, you should focus on guided meditations relating to compassion, the healing of yourself and others, as well as sympathy. These will help you achieve your goals of becoming more compassionate.