Alternative Thinking

Alternative ThinkingThinking “Outside of the Box”

Takes brainstorming a step further by stimulating each hemisphere randomly in order to quickly break you out of a mental rut.

This program acts to break the listener out of a mental “box” and encourage new avenues of thought. Instead of incorporating a highly structured protocol such as those used in most other program, this program jumps frequencies hundreds of times in an unpredictable and largely random fashion.

This method results in a barrage of different memories, ideas and emotions flowing through the brain, and has proven to be very successful at connecting unrelated concepts to form new and exciting ideas

This program differs from the “Brainstorming” program in that it stimulates each hemisphere individually, creating an even more chaotic mental atmosphere.

Use this program to brainstorm, invent ideas, break free of writer’s block, or generally to inspire out-of-the-box thinking.

Your eyes can be open or closed for this.

Headphones are required.