Isochronic Intellect Challenge

Isochronic Intellect ChallengeWill give you a comprehensive and intense mental workout ranging from alpha to high beta.

This program speeds the brain up by ramping up and first stimulating SMR, and then following with high beta stimulation. The result is a very comprehensive mental workout. It is often noted that this is the most intense program available in the program.

This program is designed to help enhance focus, attention, emotional stability and more. Research indicates it may also be of use for depression, ADD and a number of other problems.

This program is a mental workout meant to “speed up” your neural rhythms and train your brain for increased focus, attention and general cognition. As with all mental workouts, do not be surprised if you experience a slight vascular headache or feeling of pressure the first few times this program is used.

Your eyes can be open or closed for this program.

This program contains Isochronic tones and therefore can be used with or without headphones. If you are in a noisy environment, it is recommended to use headphones.

Isochronic pulses are modulated into the background sounds or a carrier wave tone to produce the frequencies that create the desired brain waves. Since they do not rely on stereo imaging to produce the brain waves, Isochronic programs can be played on any speaker system.

The Isochronic tones produce a fluttering sound similar to a helicopter so if you hear a sound like this, it is normal.