Give me 20 Minutes and I’ll Give You Super-Powered Mental Abilities

The day was about to start but I was far from excited.

2:34 AM.  My son wakes me up.  This isn’t unusual – it happens all the time.

But here’s what makes this episode memorable: he’s holding a 3-foot long piece of dental floss.

That’s just the part I can see.  The rest of the dental floss, and we still have no idea just how much “the rest of it is”, has been swallowed.  Understandably, he’s in a panic.

For the next hour we see if we can remove the floss.  We can’t.

Then we see if we can get him to “eject” the floss.  That didn’t work.

Then we search Google hoping to find a way . . . or if this is something deserving a trip to the emergency room.

Long story short, all worked out fine.  Except I still had a big day ahead, and the day didn’t care whether I slept.

Maybe your kid didn’t wake you up in the middle of the night.  But you know this experience.  Maybe it was the neighbor’s dog.  Maybe it was the noisy traffic.  Or maybe it was a lapse in good judgment that kept you out too late.

What matters now is that you’re not your best.  You’re tired, foggy headed, slogging along, irritable, grumpy, crawling like the living dead towards anything that smells like coffee.

You know that you have greater mental abilities than you’re experiencing but . . .

Hey, there’s nothing you can do it about though.  Right?

Or is there? Here’s a quick way for you to solve that problem; it isn’t one of those pills that give you so-called “energy” by overstimulating your adrenal glands.  It isn’t so-called “smart drug”.  And it isn’t an impossible routine that takes an hour out of your day!

Here’s an easier way that can:

  • Give you an energy boost (you’ll run circles around your coworkers, as you’ve got the energy while they’re still guzzling caffeine to catch up to you!)

  • Improve your focus and memory (Burn through piles of work with intense focus and ease!)

  • Improve your mood (Be that person others love to be around!)

  • Upgrade your work level (Pay-raise or promotion anyone?)

  • And to have this, you don’t even need to take any time out of your day!


Isochronic Cognition and Focus

That’s been one of my mantras – focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.

-Steve Jobs

Isochronic Cognition and Focus

Every time you listen to this program you’re going to feel your mental powers activate.  

If only everything in life were so easy.

The only thing you need to do is push “Play”.  Seriously.  That’s it.  You won’t even need a pair of headphones with this one.

Yes, the sounds are weird.  If you play this in the office you’re sure to gather a crowd of curiosity-seekers.  That’s OK thought because it might just influence everyone.

Or you can listen on the way work – while you’re driving.  Even while you’re brushing your teeth or walking the dog.

“I woke up today feeling like total &*^%.  Hey, it’s the truth.  I purchased this program months ago just decided to try it today.  It’s amazing how quickly I felt perked up, focused and energized.  I need to make this a daily habit!”

Just turn on the downloadable recording and go to work.

What would it feel like to shake off the fog and be on your A-game in 20 minutes?

Incredible, right?!

Well, about 22 minutes from right now you could be on your A-game.

Download your copy of Isochronic Cognition and Focus, now!

This program contains Isochronic tones and therefore can be used with or without headphones. If you are in a noisy environment, it is recommended to use headphones.

Isochronic pulses are modulated into the background sounds or a carrier wave tone to produce the frequencies that create the desired brain waves. Since they do not rely on stereo imaging to produce the brain waves, Isochronic programs can be played on any speaker system.

The Isochronic tones produce a fluttering sound similar to a helicopter so if you hear a sound like this, it is normal.