If you desire the experience of strong internal focus, keen recollection and introspection, and a trance-like feeling of oneness then Zen Zone Tones is the program to help you get there.

This program will brings you down to a low 3.5Hz Theta brain wave state – that’s just above sleep.

Zen Zone Tones utilizes Holothink’s proprietary triple chord harmonic carrier waves to increase the number of brain locations producing the Theta waves.


More Powerful Than the “Average” Meditation Program

This is a deeper program than most other meditation programs on the market, and it may be a “push” for an inexperienced user.  For inexperienced users – that is people who’ve never used one of our programs for meditation – we suggest that you only listen to the first 20 minutes of this program for the first week or two of use.

People who have used our programs utilizing the frequencies we’ve programmed into Zen Zone Tones, as well as scientific research, report the following:

  • creativity
  • intuition
  • daydreaming
  • fantasizing
  • recollection
  • imagery
  • dreamlike
  • drowsiness
  • oneness
  • “knowing”
  • trance-like states
  • strong internal focus
  • spiritual awareness
  • helps to process new learning

This audio program is composed of tones only; it has no accompanying music or nature soundtrack.


This program also uses a technique called Dissociation which is particularly useful for people who are restless and have trouble relaxing.

Dissociative Programs can only be used with headphones.  Dissociation is defined as a mental state where all thoughts, worries, feelings and even time/space drifts from consciousness.

Dissociation happens naturally whenever you are immersed in a movie, a good book or daydream, but can also be induced artificially using a number of modern Hemisphere-specific brainwave stimulation techniques.

In a Dissociative program, slightly different stimulation is given to each brain hemisphere. The phase, modulation and pulse rates of the left and right sides will be slightly different, and will change over time. Most of the time, the 2 sides combine later to form a single cohesive stimulant near the end of the initial downward ramp of the program. Others will continue the dissociation throughout the entire program.


holothink-logoUse this program in a quiet, comfortable place, free of distraction, in a chair or lying down.  After starting the program, close your eyes and relax.

Headphones are required.

During the session you should remain as calm and relaxed as possible. Refer to the Relaxation Guide in the documentation for more information.