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How to Add Downloaded MP3s to iTunes and copy them to iPod or burn them to CDs

(Our programs will play in other computer music players but we cannot give advice for them because we do not know what you might be using. We use iTunes)

iTunes is a music playing application from Apple and is available for PC or MAC as a free download. It will play our audio programs on your computer or copy them to your MP3 player or burn a CD.

We suggest getting the most recent version of iTunes since it is free. All of our instructions are for using the most recent version.

(Apple and iTunes are registered trade names of Apple)

1.  Find the MP3 file link online and download it by right-clicking it, then choosing “Save as” in the window that opens by “Left” clicking on it. (different browsers will call this something different, but similar; in FireFox, it is “Save Link As,” In Safari, it is called “Download Linked File,” in Internet Explorer, it is called “”Save Target As.”)

(If you have a Mac, you can hold the “Ctrl” key and click the single button mouse to emulate a “Right” click.)

The file will be downloaded to the place on your hard drive that you specify.

1B.  If you are downloading from Instant Brain Power, you just “Left Click” on the download link and the downlaod will strat automaticaly.

I usually put it on the Desktop so it is easy to find. If you choose to download to a folder, make sure to notice where the file goes so you can find it. It is a good idea to remember (or write down) the file name. It will appear in the download window just before you download it.

2.  Find the file (from #1 above) in the location where it’s been downloaded.

If you can’t find it, use your computer’s search tool to look for it, (that’s why you wrote the name down).

3- Open the iTunes application.

You will have to adjust your “Preference Settings” before importing our programs.

See last section of these instructions for details on setting preferences.

4.  In iTunes, Click on “Music” under “Library,” then drag the file from #2 above into the open iTunes window. (click on the file name and, while you are still holding your mouse button, move it) It will have a plus sign next to it to indicate that it is being added.

iTunes will process the file and add it to your music library.

5.  To add the audio program to your iPod, or burn it to a CD, IT HAS TO BE IN A PLAYLIST.

a) Open iTunes (unless it is already open)

b) Create a new Playlist by clicking on “File” and selecting “New Playlist”

The New Playlist will initially be named “untitled playlist,” rename it             something appropriate (like “Holothink Programs,” or whatever you like)

c) Click on “Music” under iTunes “Library,” select the audio files you want to copy to your iPod or a CD and drag them to the New Playlist (that you just created and renamed).

d) Click on the name of the playlist to open it and see its contents.

If you want to make a CD, you can do it right now by clicking on the “Burn
Disc” button on the bottom right of iTunes.

I suggest doing this even if you are going to copy the audio to your iPod; this
way you have an archival copy if you ever need it.

e) To copy to an iPod, plug your iPod into your computer.

Your iPod should show up as an icon on the left side of iTunes under

f) Click on the iPod icon and iTunes changes to an iPod window (or iPhone if
that is what you are using).

g) In the iPod window, make sure the “Summary” Tab is selected.

Under “Options” I have checked “Automatically sync when the iPod
(iPhone) is connected.

Also check “Sync only checked songs and videos.” This will allow you to
choose what gets added to your iPod instead of syncing all of your music
library. (All of my music library will not fit on my iPhone.)

h) Click on the “Music” tab and the window changes.

Under “Sync Music,” make sure “Selected playlists, artists, and genres” is
selected, NOT “Entire Music Library” unless that is what you really want.

i) Under “Playlists,” choose the New Playlist you just created and renamed,
then click on “Sync.” Your audio programs will be copied to your iPod.

Settings Preferences in iTunes:

a) On a PC, Click on “Edit,” then click on “Preferences.”
(On a MAC, click on “iTunes” then click on “Preferences.”)
(When the window opens, make sure you have the “General” tab selected.)
b) In the middle of the window that opens, look for a button labeled “Import Settings.” Click on it.
c) In the drop down menu beside “Import using,” select “MP3 encoder”
d) In the drop down menu beside “Setting,” select “High Quality (192 kbps).”
e) Click OK in the “Import Settings” windows
f) Click OK in the iTunes Preferences window
g) go on to step 4 above.

The above settings work for all of our audio programs EXCEPT Laser Focus.
For Laser Focus only, use the following instructions:

d) In the drop down menu beside “Setting,” select “Custom.”

e) In the MP3 Encoder window that opens, beside “Stereo Bit Rate,”
select “320 kbps”

  • Leave “Use Variable Bit Rate Encoding” unchecked
  • Sample Rate = Auto
  • Channels = Auto
  • Stereo Mode = Normal
  • Check “Smart Encoding Adjustments”
  • UNcheck “Filter Frequencies below 10 Hz”

f) Click OK in “MP3 Encoder” window.

g) Click OK in the “Import Settings” window

h) Click OK in the iTunes Preferences window

i) go on to step 4 above.

After you import the audio file into iTunes, it is safe to delete the copy of the file from your desktop since iTunes copied it to your music folder.

Enjoy your programs on iPod or CD wherever you go.

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