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How to Download MP3 to Iphone
Iphone does not allow files downloads without a file management app.  Fortunately there are free options available through the Itunes store.

Other customers, who use an Iphone, recommend “Downloads 5”.  Here is a direct link for your convenience:

To be CLEAR, this is not a requirement imposed on you by Holothink – this is a limitation built into your Apple product.  Our digital download files are MP3 encoded – the most widely supported audio format that exists.

We apologize for any inconvenience created for you by Apple Inc.

How Do I Find and Download a Previous Purchase?
The easiest solution will usually be to check your email.  You should receive a confirmation email after you place your order that will include access links.

We sell products through two different systems so this can create a little confusion.  Our main product line – Deep Zen, Digital Sandman, Laser Focus and Totally Tranquil can be downloaded on this site.  

Locate the top navigation bar > Login from “Customer Login”.  You should automatically be redirected to your downloads.  If not, your products (when logged in) are also available under Purchase Vault.

Our Instant Brain Power discounted products can be downloaded at  There, locate the top navigation bar, then move your cursor over “Checkout”;  a new tab will appear that says Purchase History.  Click there and you will be taken to a page with your complete purchase history (you must login if prompted).

If you still need assistance, please let us know using the Help Desk form.  Thank you!

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